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Wage & Hour Laws

Some of the most common issues that arise in wage and hour disputes involve:

Unpaid wages - Harsh penalties are in place for employers who fail to pay their workers. This includes paying a worker the balance of wages earned immediately upon being terminated and within 72 hours of the worker leaving the company.

Overtime and misclassification - Workers are either classified as hourly or salaried, depending on their job description and daily responsibilities. Many employers list workers as salaried, paying a lump sum, no matter how much time was served. Salaried workers, however, are not eligible for overtime. If you should be classified as an hourly employee, you could be missing significant compensation for time you work over 40 hours a week or 8 hours per day. In addition, double time could apply over 12 hours per day.

Meal and rest breaks - If you work more than five hours as an employee of the company, you are owed a lunch break of at least 30 minutes before the end of the fifth hour, duty free. If you work more than 10 hours, you are owed a second 30-minute lunch break as well. Rest period are required in increments of 10 minutes per four hours worked or major fraction thereof.

Discrepancies between contractors and employees - Sometimes, employers misclassify workers as contractors rather than employees to avoid the additional cost of benefits, meal breaks and other costs associated with a standard employee.

Reimbursement and vacation time - There is strict protocol for how employees are to be reimbursed for certain expenses (i.e., cell phone, mileage, uniforms) they have incurred on their own finances and time. This includes vacation time that has been accrued on hours worked and must be paid out if the employee leaves the company.

Compensation for commission and piece rate work - Individuals who are paid by commission or by piece are also entitled to overtime wages on hours worked over 40 a week. This is calculated based on what their base pay is.

Mass layoffs - If you are not provided proper notification of a layoff or compensation, the employer may be responsible to continue paying you for up to two months.

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