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At Kingsley Szamet & Ly Employment Lawyers, our mission is clear and resolute: to champion the rights of workers, secure justice, and ensure that no one is wronged by their employer without holding that employer accountable. Our employment law attorneys have successfully recovered more than $300 million in awards for our clients, a testament to our unwavering commitment to the cause of justice.

Our firm boasts a distinguished track record, built on the foundation of holding employers, no matter their size, accountable for taking advantage of their employees. We've stood up for the rights of workers in companies of all scales and industries, consistently delivering exceptional results.

Our achievements extend to major victories against some of the largest employers in the nation. These landmark cases stand as shining examples of our determination, expertise, and fearless resolve in the face of adversity. We have consistently challenged the status quo, fought for fairness, and emerged victorious.

Big Wins, Bigger Justice: Kingsley Szamet & Ly Employment Lawyers' Unpaid Wage Victories

At Kingsley Szamet & Ly, our track record speaks for itself. We've relentlessly fought for workers' rights, securing remarkable settlements for our clients. Check out some of our significant victories below:

👉 $44,000,000.00 Settlement - Misclassified Stock Brokers: We successfully held employers accountable for misclassifying hardworking stock brokers, ensuring they received the compensation they rightfully deserved.

👉 $11,000,000.00 Settlement - Misclassified Managers & Assistant Managers: Managers and assistant managers should never be unfairly categorized. We fought for their rights, resulting in this substantial settlement.

👉 $8,500,000.00 Settlement - Meal And Rest Break Violations: We challenged meal and rest break violations head-on, securing justice for employees who faced these unlawful practices.

👉 $7,200,000.00 Settlement - Denied Meal And Rest Breaks: Denied meal and rest breaks are unacceptable. We fought for employees who were denied these crucial rights and won a significant settlement.

👉 $6,500,000.00 Settlement - Denied Meal/Rest Breaks & Unpaid Wages: When employers denied meal/rest breaks and unpaid wages, we stepped in to ensure that justice was served and compensation received.

These victories exemplify our commitment to the cause of workers' rights and the pursuit of justice. If you're facing wage-related issues, you're not alone, and we're here to help.

Wage And Employment Law Firm On Your Side

Many employers refuse to abide by employment laws, failing to pay fair wages and overtime or allowing unsafe working conditions. These laws, however, protect an employee's livelihood and safety and must be addressed. Fighting these issues on their own, employees often feel that they are in a losing battle. We step in to level the playing field. Our trial lawyers are equipped with the employment law experience and skill to face any employer — from small businesses to large corporations.

Our firm has secured large settlements on behalf of employees, appearing in state and federal courts throughout California. No matter the complexity of your case, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf.

The firm handles most employment cases on a contingency basis, meaning we are not paid unless you win and receive compensation. We work as efficiently as possible, understanding how the outcome of the case impacts your life and your need for a swift resolution. Our lawyers will assert your rights and deliver the results you need.

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case and the options available to you, please contact our Los Angeles law offices today at 818-990-8300 or toll free at 888-500-8469.

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Our unpaid wage lawyers will take the time to thoroughly review your situation to determine if your employer is treating you fairly. If action is needed, we will act on your behalf, contacting your employer and moving the case forward if he or she does not amend the situation. Call 888-500-8469 or fill out our contact form to speak with one of our legal professionals for free.

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