Helping Policyholders Who Have Had Their Health or Disability Benefits Denied


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We have a full staff of attorneys who are well qualified and equipped to get you back those insurance benefits which have been wrongfully denied. Our law firm is located in the San Fernando Valley. The senior partner, George Kingsley, has over 35 years of experience in successfully fighting insurance companies and has participated in over 100 jury trials.

Our California insurance attorneys have been able to recover those unfairly denied benefits, either by settlement or by litigation for policyholders. We stop at nothing to help you recover what you are rightfully due.

We handle all types of insurance disputes, including but not limited to health insurance, short and long term disability insurance, long term care insurance, life insurance, and ERISA group insurance policies. Although we do not handle Social Security appeals at this time, please feel free to call for further information.

What is insurance bad faith in the health and disability field?

Insurance companies establish contracts with policyholders to pay benefits if the policyholder becomes disabled or to pay medical bills due to accident or illness. When an insurance company fails to pay these claims and fails to deal fairly with policyholders, this is bad faith. It is important to review all of your available legal resources before taking action. Our law firm is dedicated to representing clients who have been unfairly treated.

Examples of insurance bad faith

  1. Attempting to avoid paying benefits by unfairly claiming that the insured failed to disclose information when they filled out their health insurance application
  2. Denying disability benefits by unreasonably claiming that the policyholder is not disabled
  3. Unreasonably delaying the payment of benefits
  4. Refusing to pay a valid claim
  5. Refusing to investigate a claim
  6. Failing to properly communicate with the policyholder
  7. Wrongfully denying a claim by relying on biased medical providers (hired guns)
  8. Wrongfully denying coverage claiming pre-existing conditions

How We Can Help

Our experienced Los Angeles law firm of over 30 years will attempt to settle your case if possible, but if necessary we will investigate, gather evidence, develop an effective strategy, file and prosecute a lawsuit so you receive a fair and appropriate award.

All cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means, if you don't obtain a recovery, there is no fee.

Contact Kingsley & Kingsley today to arrange a free consultation with an experienced California insurance bad faith law attorney or call George Kingsley at (818) 990-8300 for a free consultation.


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