(ERISA) Helping Policyholders Who Have Had Their Group, Health or Disability Benefits Denied


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We have a full staff of attorneys who are well qualified and equipped to get you back those insurance benefits which have been wrongfully denied. Our law firm is located in the San Fernando Valley. The senior partner, George Kingsley, has over 35 years of experience in successfully fighting insurance companies and has obtained benefits for hundreds of policyholders who have been denied health or disability benefits.

Our California insurance lawyers have been able to recover those unfairly denied benefits, either by winning at the appeal stage or by filing litigation in Federal Court. We stop at nothing to help you recover what you are rightfully due.

We handle all types of group insurance disputes, including but not limited to health insurance, short term and long term disability insurance, long term care and life insurance. Although we do not handle Social Security appeals at this time, please feel free to call for further information.

Recovering these types of benefits is a very unique law practice and there are a small number of attorneys who understand how to handle these types of cases.

What is ERISA?

Employees are often denied benefits under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). ERISA is a Federal Statute that covers all group policies, regardless of whether they are long term or short term disability, long term care, health, and life insurance policies, with certain exceptions such as if the employer is a governmental agency, charity or religious organization.

The first step in an ERISA case is when the insurance company denies your benefits and provides you with a time limit in which to send a written appeal, which must include all relevant medical evidence. We can handle the appeal for you and have had great success in getting benefits reinstated without the need for Court intervention.

If the appeal is not done properly, because, for example, you fail to include all necessary medical evidence and other important facts, you may be prevented from bringing this up if your appeal is denied and litigation becomes necessary. If the appeal is not successful, then we will pursue the case in Federal Court. If we are unable to settle the case at mediation, we will then proceed to a full hearing. We have had experience in all of these phases of the ERISA process.

How we can help

Our attorneys at Kingsley & Kingsley have the necessary skills and experience to help you get back those denied benefits.

All cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means, if you don't obtain a recovery, there is no fee.

Contact Kingsley & Kingsley today and arrange a free consultation with an experienced ERISA attorney or call George Kingsley at (818) 990-8300 for a free consultation.

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